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Common Words of Gurbani

Common Words of Gurbani

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Introducing our "Common Words of Gurbani" Flash Card Set – a bilingual treasure with 150 cards designed to nurture Gurmukhi reading skills in children. These versatile flash cards serve a dual purpose:

  1. Reading Program: Immerse your children in a comprehensive reading program where they embark on a journey to read and recognize common words in Gurmukhi. Each card becomes a stepping stone in the development of essential reading skills. The reading program is suitable for children as young as 3 months, allowing you to start their learning journey from an early age.

  2. Gurbani Vocabulary Program: Elevate the learning experience as your children delve into the rich meanings of each word. This Gurbani vocabulary program provides a profound understanding of common words found in Gurbani. 

Empower your child's Gurmukhi learning journey with the "Common Words of Gurbani" Flash Card Set. 

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Customer Reviews

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s kaur
Amazing resource!

Just how we have flash cards for sight words for english, this is a must have for every Sikh child to memorize common words that are seen in Gurbani!